Born in Campania, an area of great sartorial tradition, Guglielmo Capone begins his career in Max Mara in the 1980s where he specializes in outerwear and knitwear. In parallel he founds a fashion shop which becomes a reference for the fashion world in those years and manages directly buying and merchandising.
After a long track of positive results in Max Mara Guglielmo decides to face up to new realities and begins to collaborate as a consultant with primary brands such as Fendi, Malo, Les Copains, …
After this experience as a consultant he decides to dedicate his passion to the start up of a new woman brand.

Brand identity

Guglielmo Capone is a new fashion project dedicated to an “international and cosmopolitan” woman, young but mature at the same time, who approaches the fashion world with curiosity and self-confidence, looking for a product with a fashionable design but sober and not extravagant at the same time.
A contemporary style “able to live over time” based on the quality of the design, of the fabrics and of the sartorial details, substantially all Made in Italy.